TriMaxx® Series

Caps used with this vial:

  • ProMaxx
  • ProMaxx Reversible
  • ProPlus
  • MaxxEZ


Innovative Design

The unique triangular shape of the TriMaxx® vial provides more space for dosage and refill information. A larger font size can be used, making the information on the TriMaxx the easiest to read of any prescription container on the market. The third flat panel of the TriMaxx container, and it’s closures, can be used for Pillboard® custom messages to educate your customers about your unique products, programs and services.

What is Pillboard?

Pillboard® Series

Altium’s exclusive Pillboard Series allows you to advertise your benefits, products and services on certain caps and labels:

  • Full color advertising on all Pillboard caps
  • Full color advertising on specially labeled vials (TriMaxx only)
  • Promote flu shots and vaccinations
  • Reinforce store branding


TriMaxx Features

  • Triangular shape is easier to hold and more stable
  • Larger print size is easier to read and more FDA compliant
  • All bottle sizes use the same caps
  • Pillboard custom-printed third panel and closures
  • Custom-printed prescription labels available
  • Made in the U.S.A.


TriMaxx® Vials
Description Colors Case Qty.
16 DRAM/60CC Amber, Green PET 350
20 DRAM/75CC Amber, Green PET 220
30 DRAM/120CC Amber, Green PET 175
50 DRAM/200CC Amber, Green PET 120

Compatible Caps

TriMaxx® Compatible Caps
Cap Colors Child Resistant Pillboard Case Qty.
ProMaxx Reversible – 38mm Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Red, White yes yes 900
ProMaxx – 38mm Red, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, White yes yes 900
MaxxEZ – 38mm N/A no yes 2100
ProPlus – 38mm White yes no 1300
ProPlus Custom – 38mm White yes yes 1300


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