ProPlus® Series

Caps used with this vial:

  • ProMaxx
  • ProMaxx Reversible
  • ProPlus
  • MaxxEZ


Easy, Safe, and Versatile

Thanks to our industry exclusive process, the ProPlus® line is a lighter, clearer, and stronger vial. When paired with a compatible cap, it becomes a convenient “one cap, one vial” system that provides child-resistant and non child-resistant options. Its distinctive look and wide range of sizes make it an easy choice for dispensing.

What is Pillboard?

Pillboard® Series

Altium’s exclusive Pillboard Series allows you to advertise your benefits, products and services on certain caps and labels:

  • Full color advertising on all Pillboard caps
  • Full color advertising on specially labeled vials (TriMaxx only)
  • Promote flu shots and vaccinations
  • Reinforce store branding


ProPlus Features

  • Labels are easy to apply and easy to read
  • Superior clarity and appearance
  • Convenient “one cap, one vial” system
  • Custom-printed closures
  • Custom-printed prescription labels available
  • Made in the U.S.A.


ProPlus® Vials
Description Colors Case Qty.
8 DRAM/30CC Amber, Green, Blue 630
11 DRAM/40CC Amber, Green, Blue 500
13 DRAM/45CC Amber, Green, Blue 380
16 DRAM/60CC Amber, Green, Blue 300
20 DRAM/75CC Amber, Green, Blue 195
30 DRAM/120CC Amber, Green, Blue 216
40 DRAM/150CC Amber, Green, Blue 130
60 DRAM/175CC Amber, Green, Blue 100

Compatible Caps

ProPlus® Compatible Caps
Cap Colors Child Resistant Pillboard Case Qty.
ProMaxx Reversible – 33/38mm Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Red, White yes yes 1300/900
ProMaxx – 33/38mm Red, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, White yes yes 1300/900
MaxxEZ – 33/38mm N/A no yes 3000/2100
ProPlus – 24/28/33/38mm White yes no 2700/2100/1600/1300
ProPlus Custom – 28/33/38mm White yes yes 2100/1600/1300


Vials Comparison Chart Vials Comparison Chart