ProMaxx® Series

Caps used with this vial:

  • ProMaxx
  • ProMaxx Reversible
  • ProPlus
  • MaxxEZ


Sustainable Prescription Products

Our ProMaxx® containers, made from PET, also include previously recycled post-consumer PET, making them the most sustainable prescription products available today! The ProMaxx line has five sizes, with the smaller container able to accept even the largest labels, eliminating the need for bulky accordion or butterfly labels. With ProMaxx, you’ll have vials that meet and exceed federal label regulations.

What is Pillboard?

Pillboard® Series

Altium’s exclusive Pillboard Series allows you to advertise your benefits, products and services on certain caps and labels:

  • Full color advertising on all Pillboard caps
  • Full color advertising on specially labeled vials (TriMaxx only)
  • Promote flu shots and vaccinations
  • Reinforce store branding


ProMaxx Features

  • Labels are easy to apply and easy to read
  • Superior clarity and appearance
  • Automation compatibility
  • Custom-printed closures
  • Custom-printed prescription labels available
  • Made in the U.S.A.


ProMaxx® Vials
Description Colors Case Qty.
13 DRAM/35CC Amber, Green PET 380
16 DRAM/60CC Amber, Green PET 300
20 DRAM/75CC Amber, Green PET 195
30 DRAM/120CC Amber, Green PET 216
40 DRAM/150CC Amber, Green PET 130
60 DRAM/175CC Amber, Green PET 100

Compatible Caps

ProMaxx® Compatible Caps
Cap Colors Child Resistant Pillboard Case Qty.
ProMaxx Reversible – 33/38mm Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Red, White yes yes 1300/900
ProMaxx – 33/38mm Red, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, White yes yes 1300/900
MaxxEZ – 33/38mm N/A no yes 3000/2100
ProPlus – 24/28/33/38mm White yes no 2700/2100/1600/1300
ProPlus Custom – 28/33/38mm White yes yes 2100/1600/1300


Vials Comparison Chart Vials Comparison Chart